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Keys Generator FAQ

Q: I have several users who are able to generate registration keys for our software. I need some service to provide simultaneous access to the keys database and to the keys generator by several users. How can I place a custom registration keys generator into a share folder?

A: We have a great idea about how to grant access to the keys base and keys generator by means of MS Access service. See the Custom Keys Generator help topic, KeyGen subtopic on the shared folder.

Q: I'm using a unicode registration scheme, how can I generate registration keys with unicode support?

A: After you have selected the unicode registration scheme check box in the Registration Features - Common panel, the Keys Generator (which is accessed through the Main Menu) and keys generator of License Manager automatically begin generating unicode registration keys. To generate registration keys with unicode support with CGI keys generator or keygen.dll, you have to use actions (for CGI keys generator) and functions (for keygen.dll) with a W prefix.

Q: I have a few applications protected with Enigma. All applications require a registration key to run. If I register one of the program with a registration key, other programs become registered too, but I want to register each application with its own registration key... What am I doing wrong?

A: If all applications accept one registration key, this means that all of them are protected with the same project file. To have a unique registration scheme for each application, you need to create a new project in Enigma for each protected program. Each new project has unique secure registration parameters that are used for generating registration keys, so after you create a new project, each program will be registered with its own registration key.