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Edit License

Edit License window is very similar to the Key Generator window. It allows generating and verifying registration keys. In contrast to the simple interface of the Key Generator, the Edit License has a few additional fields. These fields are optional, and you may keep them blank or you may use them for the Enigma Mailer. There you may generate or paste the existing registration keys, but note that ONLY valid registration keys will be added into the License Manager database.

Registration Name - enter a registration name to generate a registration key for

Add Hyphens - if checked, the registration key is hyphenated

Registration Key - the generated registration key

Copy/Paste - click to copy/paste the registration key to/from clipboard

Hardware ID - enter the hardware ID to lock registration to a particular computer

- click to check out the entered hardware ID

Key Expiration - enter the key expiration date

Number of License - enter the number of licenses that handle the current license

License Price - enter the price of the current license

Reference Number - the license reference number

Stolen License - if the current license (registration key) is stolen, check this box. After the protection is enabled, this key will be treated as invalid

Comment - any comment to the license

Options used in the Enigma Mailer:

Subscribed License - if checked, an email will be generated for the current license in the Enigma Mailer after the Generate Emails button is clicked

Expire Subscription - enter the subscription expiration date. Emails will not be generated for the current license after the selected expiration date

Generate Email - click the button to generate an email. The template for the email is obtained from the Enigma Mailer - the latest used template. If you would like to associate several templates with this button, use the License Manager Properties

Additional Parameters - set up additional parameters for the license record. To learn how to set up the list of additional license parameters, refer to the License Manager Properties. To learn how to access additional parameters through the Enigma Mailer, click here.