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Use Watermark - allows you to add watermarks to the protected file. A watermark is just some information that is placed into the protected file. The watermark cannot be edited or modified in the file. If the watermark information stored in the file is corrupted, the file will not start. The Enigma Protector allows to place text/files watermarks. This feature might help developers to limit each version of the application to a particular user and then monitor if the version is shared and who shares it. The watermark cannot be deleted/modified in the protected file. See also, Watermark Viewer.

To Add/Edit/Delete watermarks, use the following buttons.


Watermark Name - any string that defines a watermark name.

Watermark Type - the type of a watermark. If the watermark is private, then only the developer who has a valid project file is able to view it. If the type is public, then anyone can view this watermark.

Watermark Text - place any text here.

Watermark File - attach any file to the watermark. This file can be extracted with the watermarks viewer.

To view a watermark in the protected file, open the Watermark Viewer, main menu - Tools - Watermark Viewer. Click the Browse button to select the file.

Watermark Viewer

To get the watermarks content at runtime, use EP_MiscGetWatermark Enigma API.