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Key Verification

The verification of registration keys is performed in the same window as registration key creation (See Creating Keys). Fill out the "Registration name" and "Registration key" fields (if the key is hardware locked then "Hardware ID" has to be entered too) and click the "Verify" button to validate the key. In the "Result of the verification" field you will see the results. Also, take a look at the Custom Keys Generator with keygen libraries - there are a few functions that allow verifying registration info in your own key generator.


Registration name :


Registration key :


Verification results :

Valid registration key.

Key information:

Created: 17 April 2007

Expiration date: 1 January 2008

Unlock crypted section #1

Unlock crypted section #7

Unlock crypted section #16

It means the key is valid for the current project and contains the following information:

  • key creation date: 17 April 2007;
  • key expiration date: 1 January 2008;
  • key deciphers the following crypted sections #1, #7, #16.