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Inline Patching

WinAPI Redirection

Allows you to apply an Anti-Inline Patching technology. The Anti-Inline Patching technology uses an advanced method that checks the integrity of the protection code. If any changes of the protection code are detected, the file execution will be immediately terminated without any prompt.

How it works: when the protected file starts, the loader executes some threads (the number of threads may be defined manually) and each thread periodically checks the integrity of the protected code (the delay between the checkups of each thread is defined in "Inline checkup delay" field).

Number of protection threads - define the number of protection threads. The optimal value is 3-5 threads. We do not recommend using just one, but the maximum number is 15. Please note that the high number of threads may cause high CPU loading. You may select the necessary number of threads after the complete testing of the file protected.

Inline checkup delay - define the number of miliseconds between every checkup of each protected thread. We do not recommend setting this number to a high value, because it may not be useful and can be bypassed, but a too small value may cause high CPU loading, too. Test the protected file and select the optimal value.